2014 TRON symposium will be held in Dec, 2014, this year

T-Engine Forum is pleased to announce that it will hold 2014 TRON Symposium (in parallel with TRONSHOW exhibition) in Dec. 2014, this year. This Symposium will be held with technical co-sponsorship of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society (CES). The symposium will feature keynote, panel sessions, and paper presentation sessions. Call for papers will be posted shortly. We welcome submission of papers.

CAUTION about the numerical YEAR in the title:

TRON Project has been using the next numerical year as part of the generic name of the annual symposium and its accompanying exhibition for the last dozen years or so. So the event would have been named “TRONSHOW2015” if we had followed the old practice. But there is an IEEE internal preferred policy for using the numerical year in the title of the annually event which IEEE and its societies sponsor or co-sponsor. And it was implicitly assumed that the year is the year when the event is held. So it was decided that the symposium to be held in December 2014 is called 2014 TRON Symposium, and the accompanying exhibition is simply referred to as TRONSHOW without the next numerical year in the title to avoid confusion! 2014 TRON SYMPOSIUM (TRONSHOW 2015) would have been too confusing. Yes, TRONSHOW2014 (symposium and exhibition combined) was already held last year in 2013. We have decided to do away with the past naming practice. Please be aware of this year number issue when you read the web pages of TRONSHOW in the past.