TRON Symposium 2015
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hall [Midtown East B1F]
 Date: December 9 (Wed) to 11 (Fri), 2015
Basic Concept

Next Generation Real-Time System Technology Exhibition

will introduce an open standard development environment for real-time systems aimed at building ubiquitous computing environments where every object has a computer embedded in it and is connected to a network.

will introduce the OS (ITRON, T-Kernel) and middleware that are required for so-called embedded systems, development environments, application examples, etc. such as mobile information devices and network-connected home appliances.

Ubiquitous Computing Exhibition

The “Ubiquitous Computing” is finally becoming a reality. The aim is to establish basic technology that permits the automatic identification of “objects,” “places,” and “contexts” in order to realize ubiquitous computing environments. At the TRONSHOW, you will see the basic technology and experience the achievements of various feasibility study experiments and real-world applications.