2023 TRON Symposium -TRONSHOW- Reports

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Introduction of 2023 TRON Symposium

TRON Project started in 1984 to improve the development environment for real-time embedded systems. It began in anticipation of the dissemination of what is now called the IoT, or "Highly Functionally Distributed System (HFDS)," and to meet the increasing demand for real-time embedded systems in that era.

In 2023, TRON Project received two major recognitions from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).: Project leader Ken Sakamura received the IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Technology Award, and the TRON Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) family was recognized as an IEEE Milestone.

The IEEE Milestone is a program that IEEE recognizes and honors significant technical achievements in electrical, electronic, and information technology and related fields. Established in 1983, the program aims to improve society's overall understanding and appreciation of engineering by highlighting outstanding technical achievements in all areas related to IEEE, such as unique products, services, fundamental papers, and patents. Specific criteria for accreditation include the need to have a track record of being highly regarded in society for at least 25 years.

This IEEE Milestone Certification recognizes and acknowledges the technical achievements and impact of the TRON RTOS family. With this recognition, a commemorative plaque was permanently displayed at the University of Tokyo.

This year's TRONSHOW will feature a commemorative session reviewing the achievements of the past 40 years, as well as a discussion of TRON Project's vision for the future.

Development environment for IoT edge nodes

“μT-Kernel 3.0” is an RTOS specification which is fully compliant with “IEEE 2050TM-2018,” the international standard OS specification for IoT edge nodes adopted by IEEE. The detailed specification of µT-Kernel 3.0, the road map of TRON Forum's RTOS, and products that incorporate µT-Kernel 3.0 are introduced. As an RTOS suitable for IoT edge nodes, its applications to smart buildings are introduced.


TRON Project has also been building a platform for applications. The project is introduced in collaboration with the Association for Open Data of Public Transportation (ODPT) on the application of open data collaboration, and the Association for IoT Services Coordination, a general incorporated association for IoT services coordination (AIoTS) to realize Personal Data Store (PDS) as a basis for collaboration among services, Open Smart UR Study Group to establish an ideal housing platform for the digital age, General Incorporated Association Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data (VLED) to realize digital transformation (DX) in local regions, enPiT-Pro for recurrent education, etc.

Overseas / Government / Local government Pavilion

Activities of government such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan and overseas activities in cooperation with TRON Project are introduced.

Seminars at the exhibition venue

Seminars are held at the exhibitin venue.

  • Seminar classrooms on µT-Kernel 3.0 by microcomputer manufacturers
  • IOWN technology seminar
  • Introductory seminar on the contents of each company's exhibit
  • Seminar by the members of the Association for Open Data of Public Transportation (ODPT)