2022 TRON Symposium -TRONSHOW- Reports

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Introduction of 2O22 TRON Symposium

TRON Project has been developing and promoting new computer architecture based on the philosophy of “Open Architecture” in a global scale for nearly 40 years since 1984. “Open” approach has been expanding in many fields including the development and promotion of TRON embedded real-time operating systems (RTOSs), "Open data” that makes available the data owned by the government, local governments, public transportation operators, etc. and utilizes them, and "Open API” that enhances “Open Internet of Things (IoT)” to create convenient services that span the boundaries of manufacturers and service providers. The symposium introduces the current status of specific efforts of each project such as the application of various open data collaboration, and many activities related to Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) to promote the application of All Photonics Network (APN) with a view to the next 10 years.
This year again, the leading-edge exhibition and research will be presented on topics such as embedded systems, the IoT, AI and open data with the technical co-sponsorship of IEEE Consumer Technology Society.

OPEN IoT Systems
Embedded systems and cloud systems to realize the IoT are exhibited. RTOS (µT-Kernel, etc.), middleware required for embedded systems, development environment, and application examples, etc. are shown. Sensor nodes to realize Open IoT and network control systems, and their application examples and commercial adoptions are also on display at vendors’ booths.
Development environment for IoT edge nodes
“μT-Kernel 3.0” is an RTOS which is fully compliant with “IEEE 2050-2018,” the international standard OS specification for IoT edge nodes created by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The detailed specification of µT-Kernel 3.0, the road map of TRON Forum's RTOS, and products that incorporate µT-Kernel 3.0 are introduced. μT-Kernel is an RTOS best suited to IoT edge nodes. "IoT-Aggregator" that has been under development to realize service collaboration and advanced access control in Open IoT environment, etc. are also on display.

TRON Project has also been building application platforms.
Such activities in collaboration with many organizations are presented.

  • Developing an application platform for open data collaboration with Association for Open Data of Public Transportation (ODPT)
  • Developing a platform to realize Personal Data Store (PDS) that serves as a basis for collaboration among services with Association for IoT Services Coordination (AIoTS), a general incorporated association
  • Developing an ideal housing platform for the digital age with Open Smart UR Study Group
  • Developing a platform to realize digital transformation (DX) in local regions with Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data (VLED), a general incorporated association

INIAD's reskilling education program and activities with AI Data Consortium, a general incorporated association, etc. are also introduced.

Overseas / Government / Local government Pavilion
Activities of government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan and overseas activities in cooperation with TRON Project are introduced.
English version of keynote speech from 2021 TRON Symposium (TRONSHOW)
Here is an English dubbed version of the LAST YEAR'S keynote speech, i.e., from 2021 TRON Symposium (TRONSHOW).
This is a redacted / abridged version to make it shorter than the original, but it does not skip important topics covered in the original keynote speech at all.
You can also listen to this year’s keynote and other sessions remotely.
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