2O19 TRON Symposium -TRONSHOW- Reports

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TRON Project is a project to build new computer architecture based on “Open Architecture.” “Open” approach has been expanding in many fields including embedded systems, “Open data” that makes available the data owned by the government, local governments, public transportation operators, etc. and utilizes them, and ”Open API” that enhances “the Internetof Things (IoT)” to create convenient services that span the boundaries of manufacturers and service providers. The symposium will introduce elemental technologies that realize “Open API,” and their application examples, and examples of the collaboration with other projects.This year again, with the technical sponsorship of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, a paper session is held to present papers on the latest research of the IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), open data and embedded systems.

OPEN IoT System

Embedded systems and cloud systems to realize “Open IoT” are exhibited.RTOS (ITRON specification OS and T-Kernel), middleware required for embeddedsystems, development environment, and application examples, etc. are shown.Sensor nodes to realize Open IoT and network control systems, big data analysissupport tools, open data support tools, solutions, and their application examples and commercial adoptions are also on display at vendors’ booths.

μT-Kernel 3.0

“μT-Kernel 3.0” is a real-time OS specification which is fully compliant with “IEEE 2050™-2018,” the international standard OS specification for IoT edge nodes adopted by Instituteof Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE). The detailed specification and road map of μT-Kernel 3.0, and products that incorporate μT-Kernel 3.0 are introduced. “IoT-Aggregator” that realizes service collaboration and advanced access control in Open IoT environment, and “IoT-Engine” that supports Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) are on display.

TRON IoT Vulnerability Advisory Center

The Internet of Things (IoT) is used for practical applications as well as research now. Cyberattack is an emerging risk for the IoT. The IoT system model employs clouds and embedded systems together via network. “TRON IoT Vulnerability Advisory Center,” that hasbeen established in TRON Forum, will issue advisories on this topic.

Open Data of Public Transportation

“Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games” to be held in 2020 will be a great opportunity to enhance the services and infrastructure for ICT in Japan and to publicize their advanced status to the world. This pavilion exhibits the services and advancement of functions in cities that have been developed according to the government policy of "Introduction of ICT in the Entire Society Toward 2020."

Overseas / Government / Local government Pavilion

Activities of government such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan and overseas activities in cooperation with TRON Project are shown.


The knowledgeable staff guides participants to exhibitions in small groups.

Note: Instruction is given in Japanese only.