Dr. Alok Prakash

Senior Research Fellow, Hardware and Embedded Systems Lab,Nanyang Technological University


Alok Prakash (alok@ntu.edu.sg) is a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore and the Principal Investigator for the Sensing and Management for Agile Transport (SMAT) project under the larger TUMCREATE project focusing on next generation public transport services in Singapore. Alok and his team work towards developing real-time camera-based sensors for traffic law enforcement and monitoring with the key focus on making these sensors affordable for mass volume adoption. Alok received his PhD from NTU, Singapore in 2014 for his thesis on Constraint-Aware Configurable System-On-Chip Design for Embedded Computing. His research interests include low-cost IoT design for Intelligent Transport Systems, scalable scheduling algorithms for on-demand transportation systems and power/thermal-aware application mapping on Mobile SoCs. Alok’s work has been nominated for best paper awards at DAC and HEART conferences.